15 Essentials to Guarantee a Great Race Day

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Show up on race day focused, excited, & ready. New racers assume they’re prepared and often end up embarrassed, frustrated, & stressed as they scramble for missing items at the start line. Avoid late starts, extra penalties, & poor performance with your FREE Pre-Race Checklist.

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Expert-Approved Essentials

From the obvious to the obscure, get the essentials thousands of OCR veterans use to crush the course and enjoy the experience.

Little-Known Items

Garbage bags? Check. Gloves? You bet.  Ensure you don’t miss the finer things that can make or break the day.  Click the button to be prepped!

Less Stress, More Focus

Feel ultra-prepared and confident, not stressed and annoyed on race day. With these 15 items, you’ll enjoy every your extraordinary race.

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