Hope isn't a plan! That's why we designed something very different.

Meet Travis and Cyndy

Hey there! We're Travis and Cyndy Barnes, founders of Journey 333.

We started Journey Fitness in April of 2013, but our business plan was never to profit from people who pay but don't come to the gym. We always envisioned a place with supportive, affordable coaching where members would want to show up for fun, health, and a family-style community.

At Journey 333, our coaches know everyone's name, goals, and limitations. Here, you're not a gym member. You're a family member. We support each other and celebrate each other like family.
Travis and Cyndy Barnes

Our Support System

At Journey 333, we recognize that showing up at a gym, working out, and hoping that you'll reach your goal doesn't work.

Hope isn't a plan! That's why we designed something very different. We are the only company with a one of a kind fast track system where we put you on the fast track to fitness success.

We're all about providing affordable, comprehensive fitness, nutrition, and community support because we know that's what helps our Journey family members reach their goals. We've seen it work time and time again.
Be part of the Journey family

How Are We Different?

We lay out fitness and nutrition plans that are achievable based on where you are and where you want to be. We're there to cheer when you do a great job, and to talk when you need extra support.

We celebrate birthdays and milestones. We contact you if you stop showing up. We visit you in the hospital. We're your family.
We lay out fitness and nutrition plans that are achievable

Our Story

Cyndy and I know firsthand what it is like to struggle with your weight and we have both had our own weight loss achievements.

I lost 30 pounds in 60 days and Cyndy lost 50 pounds. Cyndy even had her story published in Shape Magazine! So we know that weight loss is hard, and we know what it takes to reach your goals.
Cyndy's and Travis' weight loss

Our Growth and Our Promise

Because of our family-forward philosophy, Journey Fitness is growing quickly. We're set up to help our members succeed, and our Journey family realizes that our unique personalized group training plan works where other gym plans fail.

We've helped thousands of members reach their goals, and because of that, we can absolutely promise that you'll love it here. We're different from your typical gym, and you'll feel it the minute you walk in the door.
We've helped thousands of members reach their goals

Experience The Journey Difference For Free!

We're so confident that you'll feel the difference from day one that we're willing to offer you a free workout.

It's our way of demonstrating our commitment to your success before you even step in the door.

Opportunities open up as our schedule permits so we can offer our regulars the personal attention we've promised. Claim your gift now to avoid a scheduling delay.
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