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All In with the Railhouse & Josh Cassidy


What does Journey Fitness have in common with a local business that has a 5lb burger and 30 tap beer system? The answer is they both have a Wall of Fame.

At Journey you get on the Wall of Fame when you hit your weight loss goal.  We make a before and after poster and share your story to inspire others.

At the Railhouse you can get on the Wall of Fame if you eat the entire 5lb Freight Train burger!  If you fail you end up on the Wall of Shame.  

This brings us to a reciprocal relationship that we can have with the Railhouse. You can put the calories in at the Railhouse and take the calories out at Journey Fitness!

Still don't be misled, the Railhouse isn’t just about overeating. They also have a unique Fitness Menu created by local gyms including Journey Fitness. The fitness menu offers salads, cauliflower pizza, lettuce wrapped cheeseburgers, and Romaine BLT boats.

Our members know that fitness isn’t just about the gym – nutrition is key as well.  In fact it is 80% of the results!

We partnered with Josh Cassidy at the Railhouse because we’ve seen the most common challenge in reaching your fitness goals is failing to plan. We have busy lives and don’t always plan a healthy lunch/meal and so we resort to vending machines and fast food. What if you could order off a healthy menu, and have it delivered to you at work – saving you time!

Watch the video to see how Josh ate pizza once a week and still lost 30 pounds!

At Journey we like to say we put the “Fun” in “FUNctional fitness”, and The Railhouse helps bring the fun into your weeknights. The Railhouse offers weekly events like Trivia on Tuesday, and open mic night on Wednesday; and they also have comedy nights and live music. For special gatherings, rent the banquet room, or order (healthy) catering for offsite parties.

All In is video and blog series created by Journey 333. “All In” is 100% commitment. We want our members to give everything during their workouts – leaving it all on the gym floor. There are certain people in our community that go “All In” by putting themselves on the line to make our community better. Journey Fitness thanks Josh and the Railhouse for going All-In!

For more information on the Railhouse check them out:

On Facebook: Railhouse Restaurant and Taproom


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