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6 Dangerous Reasons your Trainer is Failing You

Uncategorized May 24, 2018

Having a trainer to help you reach your goals is great, in theory.

Some personal trainers, however, can cost a pretty penny. If you don’t have the right trainer by your side, you might as well be flushing money down the toilet. So how do you know if you’re just wasting money on your trainer?

Check out these types of trainers and see if yours identifies with any:

1. “The Liability” Trainer

The “Uncertified” & Unexperienced Trainer. You wouldn’t go see a ‘doctor’ without a medical degree, would you? Why would you trust a ‘trainer’ without a certification or experience?

This could be a dangerous game. Safety should be the top concern, followed by an effective workout.

It is likely that an uncertified, unexperienced trainer will not understand how to adapt to your needs and goals.

A good trainer not only needs to obtain the appropriate knowledge base, but they must be able to apply that information to a wide variety of individualized cases.

Not to mention the other factors that determine whether or not you get an effective workout.

Can they adapt to your motivation style? Are they correcting your form and offering appropriate cues during the workout?

Have they designed an individualized plan for you? Do you guys even get along?

You want to find a trainer that has the proper knowledge but also plenty of experience.

Yes, all trainers have to start somewhere, but don’t waste your money.

You could have a liability on your hands. Ask for the certification, their experiences, and references.

2. “The Mirror Mirror On The Wall” Trainer

Your overly self-confident trainer only cares about checking themselves out.

How could someone so self absorbed possibly be paying proper attention to you?

Sure, maybe they glance at you in between flexing their biceps, but they’re not looking at your form.

Isn’t that why you hired them? So they could deliver an effective, safe workout while motivating you?

You don’t want someone gawking at themselves in the mirror when that barbell is about to fall on your chest.

What should you look for? You want to find a trainer that is attentive and present during the entire session.

Someone that corrects your form when necessary, offers coaching cues and listens to you when something doesn’t feel right.

If they don’t inquiring about your health history from the get go, fire them. Immediately.

3. The “Cookie Cutter” Trainer

This trainer is inexperienced in working with a variety of individuals.

They only know one style of program--probably the one they used to get into shape.

They do not customize your program based on your health history, body type or goals.

Everybody is different. If they are training  you the same as their bodybuilding clients, they are doing you a huge disservice and putting you at risk.

They are not delivering a safe, effective workout that will get you where you want to be.

Customization is key in order to get results. Look for a trainer that can easily adapt to different styles, goals, wants and needs.

4. The “What’s Good For Me, Works For You” Trainer 

Brother to the “Cookie Cutter” trainer, this one only knows how to work out their own body, instead of catering to each individual client and their specific goals and body types.

This is where experience is key.

A lot of trainers are hired because they have a great looking body.

With so much information at our fingertips, anyone can Google how to get in shape.

Some programs are safe, some are not. Would you trust that the program that worked for them will work for you?

You need a trainer that has worked with individuals of all levels and body types. They need experience in adapting in order to meet desired goals of their current client.

5. The “Spoon And The Fork” Trainer

This is the trainer that gives no regard to nutrition.

I’m sure you’ve heard that nutrition is 80% of your results, and it’s true!

No matter how hard you try, you can't out-train a bad diet.

Often times people will skip over areas they are inexperienced with because they are uncomfortable talking about them.

At Journey 333, nutrition is one of our three essential components, and arguably, the most important.

Our coaches take time to personally read through each client’s food journal, offering tips for a successful week ahead, each and every week.

If you trainer has never even mentioned the “N” word, this should be a red flag. You are wasting your time and energy trying to reach your goals without any nutritional guidance.

6. The “Convenience” Trainer

This is the trainer that leaves you high and dry the 23 hours you are not with them.

There are no follow ups after the workouts.

There is no extra accountability or motivation.

Where does this get us? Well, not to your goals.

You most likely hired them because you needed the motivation. This trainer is simply a waste of time and money.

Characteristics of an Extraordinary Trainer

Often times, when people don’t see desired results, they blame themselves. The lack of success is not necessarily you-- it’s because you don’t have a good coach.

So who do you want to invest in? You want a genuine, authentic coach.

Someone who feels they are only successful when you are successful. Someone who gives 110% because they know how important your success is.

They follow up after the workouts.

They reach out to you in between sessions.

They motivate you even when you are not physically with them.

This is a coach that is carrying out their life’s passion. This describes each and every one of our coaches at Journey 333.

You don’t just get your coach for one hour. You get around the clock support, and therefore, you get results.

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