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The Relationship Between your Physical Health and your Financial Health

Uncategorized Feb 20, 2019

Journey333 has partnered up with Ingersoll-Rand Federal Credit Union in order to better serve our community! We are all about serving our members the best way we can.

Check out how IRFCU is serving our youth and bringing real life, hands on experience to our local schools!

We have a special opportunity for you! We're offering you 21 days of life transforming group personal coaching! 

That's right, you'll have a chance to workout besides your IRFCU staff! What better way to build community than that?!

The challenge will run from March 11th through April 2nd.

This 21 day challenge will consist of teams of 3-5 people. The results will be based on greatest percentage of body weight lost for the team.

There will be special opportunities to earn advantages for your team along the way, as well as some special prizes... aside from the grand prize! The grand prize (cash) will be determined on the number of registrations.

We are so excited to kick off this new partnership with this exclusive 21 day challenge. We look forward to continuing to highlight the importance of taking care of yourself physically and how that correlates to your financial health!


For more information:

Travis Barnes: [email protected]; (570) 731-4587

Brittany Raymond: [email protected]; (570) 888-7121

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