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How to Get in Shape Fast: 7 Expert-Approved Tips & Tricks For Losing Weight On A Deadline

Is insecurity creeping up as you prepare for an upcoming event? Gatherings like weddings, vacations, holiday parties, and reunions should be exciting times — not dates on the calendar you’re dreading. 

We get it. You’re on a tight deadline to drop a few pounds, ditch the flab, and tone up so you can strut your stuff and radiate confidence on the big day. After all, the friends, family, and even strangers in attendance will certainly be checking you out (and of course, some will be judging).  


Turn to the expert tips below for your transformation on a timeline.


Cut Down on These Carbs

You won’t get anywhere without cleaning up your nutrition. We know that doesn’t sound groundbreaking, but ultimately, it’s true. If you’re on a deadline to drop some pounds, kickstart the clean-up by eliminating processed carbs like chips, candy, and white bread. As delicious as they are, they don’t do your health (let alone your body) any favors.

The few healthy nutrients these foods once had are stripped out before they’re packaged up and tossed on shelves. This leaves you with a ton of empty calories that cling to your body as fat like lint does to a sweater. Their high-calorie nature, lack of nutrients, and addictive qualities are the perfect storm for love handles, belly fat, and flab.


Focus on Whole Foods

Now that you know what to cut (RIP processed carbs), let’s talk about what you need more of: whole foods. Whole foods are fantastic sources of fiber, protein, and healthy fat. This terrific trifecta of nutrients helps to curb hunger and make you feel full. Ah, finally, a healthy way to prevent overeating (and food comas).

One of the top reasons people are packing the pounds on is the poor quality of nutrients they are receiving from the processed foods disguised as low calorie or low fat options. Here’s the facts, your poor body isn’t getting the quality nutrients it needs so it keeps tricking your brain that you’re hungry. That means you tend to get hungry faster even though you just ate, you get cravings, and then go right back to eating more food. Hence the packing on of fat.

Vegetables, legumes, nuts, and seeds need to be staples of your diet as you nix processed carbs (and hopefully booze and sugar, too). When you’re searching for quick results, keep it simple by ensuring your plate looks like a rainbow. The more colors from these food sources making up your meal, the better.


Start Tracking Your Food Today

 Tracking your food can double your weight loss. Holy fat loss, Batman!

That should be all you need to know to be sold on this incredible fat loss habit. Poor habits that lead to weight gain like overeating, snacking, and stress eating become clearer than day when you’re tracking everything.

By being aware of what you eat, you can immediately poke holes (or fix leaks) in your diet. Consider your food journal an ongoing audit of your intake. Go old-school with pen and paper, or download an app for digital tracking. And remember, it’s less about counting calories and more about identifying and fixing bad habits and poor choices that are keeping you off your A-Game. And when a deadline is looming you need everything working for you versus against you.


Nail Your Workout Routine

 Get a bigger bang for your buck and time!

If you’re on a deadline it’s critical you burn as many calories as you can, as fast as you can. The calories burned working on your fitness will assist your weight loss efforts, while the muscle you build through strength training will help you tighten and tone your body.

Now here’s the key piece...the more muscles you activate, the more calories you burn. High-intensity interval training and functional fitness should be the bread and butter of your routine as they stimulate your entire body. This supercharges the efforts of your diet and burns the high volume of calories that can elicit faster body composition changes.

As for frequency, too little exercise will limit your results, while too much exercise can lead to injury and overtraining. Keep yourself in the game with full-body workouts 3-5 times per week.


Drink More Water

Studies show people who drink more water lose more weight. But when’s the last time you heard of water as a weight-loss solution?

The truth is water doesn’t get nearly enough love. It flushes your system, helps your muscles recover, lubricates your joints, and of course, keeps you hydrated, while also boosting your weight loss efforts.

So, how much do you need to drink to start shedding weight? Shoot for half of your bodyweight in ounces of water daily.


Grab a Workout Buddy

You’ve heard the saying, “You are who you surround yourself with.”

Well, when it comes to your health, science proves the old adage true. If you hang with other people with similar goals, the social support can instantly boost your efforts. Hang with naysayers, and the lack of social support can lead you down the wrong path.  

This is another bonus of group fitness classes and small group training environments. Who knows, you might meet your brand new bestie and reap the rewards of his/her support.


Hire Help 

Extra accountability and expertise go a long way when you’re trying to elicit change fast.

That’s why the best athletes, leaders, and executives in the world have coaches. By now, I’m sure you realize the extreme value of a coach.

Whether it’s kicking your butt 3 times a week or holding you accountable to your food journal and nutrition goals, a coach is a game changer   Pushing you when you need it, helping you when you need it, motivating you when you need it, and inspiring you when you need it.


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