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Journey 333’s Secret Strategies to Significant Weight Loss

Uncategorized Aug 14, 2018

Our Secret Strategies to Significant Weight Loss

In the United States alone, there are more than 36,000 health clubs...

From nationwide chains like LA Fitness and Anytime Fitness to buzzy group training facilities like Orangetheory Fitness and F45 Training, everyone’s competing for the fitness dollar by promising to change your life.  

In addition to each of the aforementioned chains, don’t forget the many hybrid facilities (like us), studios, boxes, and specialty training centers doing the same.

When we’re all promising the same thing, who really can change your life? What does one facility do that others can’t? Who can you trust to actually care about your well-being in and away from the gym? Who’s in it for the relationships and results more than the dollars and cents?

The truth is you’re stuck navigating a complex web of options to find the right people and place to embark on the life-changing transformation you crave. Could we be the solution to finally get you to your goals? We‘ve decided to reveal exactly what we do for you at Journey 333 that makes us different than the rest.

It’s a copycat industry and we run the risk of our competitors trying to steal what you’re about to read, but we’re certain no one else can replicate the often-overlooked skills — things like authenticity, accountability, and empathy — that we pair with these life-transforming strategies.  

As you consider our club on your mission to finally find a place that gives you the sense of comfort you get at home blended with the challenges, motivation, and accountability needed to hit your ideal weight and look the part, you’ll know exactly what to expect from our Journey 333 family.

The Journey 333 Method: Our Secret Strategies to Weight Loss

Keep scrolling to find out the five secret strategies we’ve used to log more than 30,000 pounds of weight lost.

Secret Weight-Loss Strategy 1: Daily Journaling

Is journaling the sexiest strategy? No, not really. Is journaling shockingly effective? You better believe it. The science and success stories below will have you all-in on the simple practice that has been a crucial cog of our many Journey 333 success stories.

5 Surprising Benefits of Daily Journaling:

  • Creates instant accountability.
  • Gateway to smarter decisions.
  • Pinpoints weaknesses.
  • Fine-tunes nutrition and exercise habits.
  • Kickstarts life-changing habits.

Science That Proves Journaling Works for Weight Loss:

Between 1993 and 2009, 15 studies analyzed the correlation between weight loss and journaling. All 15 studies came to the same conclusion: There are “significant associations between self-monitoring (journaling) and weight-loss.”

In fact, food diaries are one of the best predictors of weight loss. In a 2008 study of 1,700 participants, the people who kept daily food records lost twice as much weight as those who didn’t keep records. Imagine instantly doubling your weight loss simply by logging your food everyday...

Journaling Helped These Ladies Drop More Than 100 Pounds Each:

Journaling helped Amanda Pruss lose 140 pounds and Charmaine Jackson drop 130. No, not everyone is looking to melt hundreds of pounds, but the fact is this little practice leads to big results.

Secret Weight-Loss Strategy 2: Pack on Protein

By now, you know that nutrition plays a huge part in your transformation. You can’t out-train a bad diet. Instead, you must follow a sustainable, safe, and healthy meal plan that gives you both balance and results.

At Journey 333, we teach our clients how to institute a low-carb diet that instantly melts fat and unwanted pounds. One of the first nutrition principles we implement as we help you transition into the low-carb lifestyle is increasing your protein intake.

Increasing protein intake is not reserved for bodybuilders and muscle-bound athletes. With its power to boost metabolic rate, suppress hunger, and promote weight loss, protein is a major player in our success stories.

5 Surprising Benefits of High-Protein Foods:

  • They make you feel full.
  • They help prevent cravings and overeating.
  • Protein helps you burn calories during digestion.
  • Protein impacts bone, muscle, skin, and blood.
  • The building block of muscle, protein repairs tissue after exercise.

Science That Proves the Power of Protein for Weight Loss:

At its core, this 2005 study found an increase in dietary protein from 15% to 30% — with a constant carbohydrate intake  — can result in “significant weight loss.”

Further supporting our low-carb, high-protein principles, a 1999 study found replacing carbohydrates with protein can “improve weight loss” when maintaining a low-fat diet.

From Maternity Clothes to Marathons — Protein’s Part In Two Amazing Transformations:

Leigh Anne MacDonald Costa used a low-carb, high-protein diet to kickstart her 145-pound weight loss journey as she went from getting rejected from roller coasters to completing a marathon.

As for Melissa Mouawad, she used a high protein diet to slim down six dress sizes and trade the only attire that would fit her — maternity clothes — for yoga pants.

Secret Weight-Loss Strategy 3: Hydrate

Dehydration comes with a host of problems; physically, mentally, and emotionally. From poor performance and hunger pangs to decreased energy and increase fatigue, dehydration could be considered a weight-gain agent.

As you know, dehydration is prevented with water. While hydration is an often-overlooked component of weight loss, more research is being released supporting it’s benefits on body composition.

5 Immediate Benefits of Drinking More Water:

  • Water burns calories.
  • It boosts metabolism.
  • Water helps maintain balance of bodily fluids.
  • It energizes your muscles.
  • Water manages bowel functions.

Science That Shows Hydration Helps Weight Loss:

A study published in the Annals of Family Medicine found a “significant association” between inadequate hydration and elevated BMI, as well as obesity.

Furthermore, research proving water increases metabolic rate and energy expenditure is another notch on the belt for proper hydration as a weight-loss catalyst.

Water For Weight Loss? The People Behind These Success Stories Think So:

There isn’t a success story that doesn’t include proper hydration, but hydration generally doesn’t steal the headlines. The following success stories give water its due.

Two of Olivia Charles’ secrets to dropping 35 pounds were increasing her water intake and keeping a food journal (remember our first secret strategy? :)) .

Three women who each lost more than 100 pounds we’re profiled by ABC News in 2018, and two of the three specifically mentioned water as a key component of their weight-loss journeys.  

Secret Weight-Loss Strategy 4: Group Exercise

Have you hopped in a Journey 333 group workout yet? If you haven’t, you’re missing out. We’ll do our best to explain here, but the energy and atmosphere is truly something you need to experience. Check out our class schedule here and c’mon out for a free class this week.

5 Unique Pillars of Journey 333 Group Exercise Classes:

  • Full-body, calorie-crushing circuits.
  • High-energy, supportive atmospheres.
  • Workouts designed for a balanced body.
  • Programming for optimal fat loss.
  • Cyclical changes to enhance results.

Science Says The Group Is More Powerful Than The Individual:

When it comes to weight loss, adherence to a program is a must. The top two factors that impact adherence are supervised attendance and social support. We’re proud to say our group exercise offerings provide both :).

This CBS News piece goes deeper on the impact groups have on weight loss, demonstrating that overweight and obese adults who are in a group are far more likely to lose body weight and body fat than those who attempt to do it on their own.

Group Fitness Helped These People Drop Pounds and Keep Them Off:

Katie Regan’s love for group fitness helped her lose 80 pounds. Despite her fear of stepping in her first class, she stuck to a steady schedule of group fitness as the fellow members and instructors became “part of her family.” Funny, we pride ourselves on treating our members like family :).

For good measure, here are a few of our own client success stories that involved our group fitness classes and small group training offerings (those before and after pictures speak volumes).

Secret Weight-Loss Strategy 5: The Intangibles

When judging others, it’s the intangibles that we often miss. While they’re hard to measure, our Journey 333 clients frequently point them out to us. Like you, most of them worked out at multiple facilities, tried several weight-loss programs and methods, and had experience trying to lose weight with a personal trainer before giving us a try.

No science is needed to back these claims :).

5 Intangibles You’ll Only Find at Journey 333:

  • We care as much as you do. Your goals are truly our goals.
  • Unmatched accountability. Everyone else is just providing workouts.
  • A motivating and supportive environment and people. We set you up for success.  
  • All programs and services are expert-led and approved; proud to be backed by science.
  • We find the perfect blend of effective, positive, and empowering in all that we do.  

Want more proof? Come in for a free class and you’ll experience these intangibles first-hand. The last weight-loss journey you’ll ever go on starts — and ends — at Journey 333.

Our guarantee to you is increased daily energy, toned, lean muscles, reduced body fat, a surge of self-confidence, and real results measured in pounds, inches, and complements. Tack on a positive and supportive atmosphere, constant accountability, and a welcoming group of people, and we’re certain you’ll find we stand out from the crowd :).

See you soon!

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