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Recovery - The Third Component

Uncategorized Jul 12, 2019

Journey 333 is now bringing you more! Bulletproof recovery is here!

What is Bulletproof recovery?  It focuses on improving the health of your muscle fascia and thereby improves your recovery from exercise. 

The reason to improve your recovery is because without recovery there are no results from the workout.

Maybe you are still wondering what exactly is muscle fascia?  Think of fascia as the most sensitive, highly interconnected system in the entire body.  Without fascia, toned and structured muscle would turn to hamburger meat, organs would spread like wildfire and bones would crumble, as fascia is the single element that organizes and suspends these parts of the body. It's the most highly innervated tissue, sensitive to every hormone in your system, recoiling with every bump and bruise sustained.

Our understanding of fascia in modern science will revolutionize how we exercise, how surgeons operate, how athletes train and how we address pain management. Fascia is the frontier of body knowledge, and you need a program that addresses muscle fascia or the program is incomplete. 

A Complete Program Includes:
1. A great workout
2. Help with nutrition
3. And help with recovery

Until now we could only help with the first two but thanks to a recent 2 day intensive rigorous certification, Journey 333 is now able to help with recovery.  

Here is what is available to you:
• Percussive therapy for the whole body delivered with a pneumatic massage tool. This is great for a warm-up, recovery, pain relief, and injury prevention. 
• And a total body bulletproof assisted stretch derived from the basic essentials of Fascial Stretch Therapy

Talk to a coach today about how you can incorporate this into your program!

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