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Expert Exercise Guidelines for Near Instant Fat Loss Results

Don’t kill the messenger, but there is no single workout that can instantly transform your body.

Anyone who is telling you they can blast love handles and get you a six-pack in a quick session or 2 is spewing lies (they will literally take your money and run).

However, there are guidelines you can follow to optimize the speed of your results...

With a touch of consistency and the right routine, you can get to looking (and feeling) your best quickly as you prep to squeeze into that wedding dress, strut your stuff at a holiday party, get vacay-ready, or show off for friends, family, and coworkers.

Since time is of the essence, let’s dive in. Keep scrolling to get our expert guidelines for fast results...


Rule #1: Focus on HIIT & Functional Fitness

Despite what the general public does, pounding away at the treadmill is not the best way to get lean (remember, you came here for expert tips)...

Your best bet is to commit to a blend of cardio and strength training by investing your time in High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and functional fitness.

These are the kind of workout routines that will spike your heart rate, crush calories, and build the long, lean, muscular look everyone desires. Tack on the fact that an effective HIIT session can be as short as 15 minutes, and you finally have no excuses.

When it comes to effective workout programming, there’s no better pairing than HIIT and functional fitness.


Rule #2: Commit to Compound Movements

Weight training will not make you bulky, ladies. If you fear you’re going to put on muscle in all the wrong places, stop the madness.

Your hormones stop you from instantly transforming into Arnold’s twin sister. Trust us, if bulking up was that easy, the skinny guys you see plugging away at the gym wouldn’t be so skinny.

Your best bet to get the lean look you want is to focus on compound movements within your workout sessions. They burn the most calories by working the most muscles — giving you the biggest bang for your buck.

Squats, deadlifts, and lunges must have a place in your exercise routine. Thanks to all kinds of variations, the movements will always feel safe, fresh, and effective.

We’d happily list all of your options, but we know you’re in a hurry :).


Rule #3: Exercise 3- 4 Times Per Week

One of the biggest mistakes people who want quick results make is jumping into an exercise routine they’re not ready for. Going from a string of rest days to 5 days a week of working out is like diving into the deep end before you know how to doggie paddle.

Our best guess is you’ll survive 3-4 workouts before injury and overtraining sap you of your health.

Instead, start with 3 workouts per week. That gives you 1-2 recovery days — as you’ll see, we don’t call them “rest days” — between each workout so your body has time to recharge. And as you ramp up, work up to 4 days a week and build that habit while preparing your body for more work as you advance.

If you’re following the rest of the guidelines in this blog, you’re ready for 3-4 days a week of HIIT and functional fitness with an emphasis on compound movements. If you’re skipping ahead, it’s back to the treadmill.

The truth is the 3-4 days per week will be plenty to elicit body composition changes and killer confidence.


Rule #4: Treat Rest Days as Recovery Days

Vegging out on the couch is an off-day gone wrong...

Even on your rest days, you need to get moving to ward off fatigue and soreness (you know, the things that can quickly become excuses to skip the gym).

Go for a walk, take a dip in the pool, and get a little yoga in to loosen up those tight muscle fibers. Your sore back and tight hips will be relieved instantly, and you’ll be feeling far better than you would if you Netflix and chill all day.

And if you can’t stomach the sight of anything that can be confused with exercise, go bowling, swing the golf club, swing a racquet, or toss the pigskin.

Trust us on this one: Recovery trumps rest.


Rule #5: Don’t Sleep On Sleep

Those extra z’s are working wonders on your body...

Time under the covers helps your muscles recover, repair, and rejuvenate so you can hit your next workout feeling fresh.

Plus, who doesn’t love sleep? You don’t have to tell us twice.

Hit the hay early and know you’re doing your body good.

If anyone questions your new routine, send ‘em our way :). We’ll show them that sleep is a superpower!


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