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How to Get in Shape Fast: 7 Expert-Approved Tips & Tricks For Losing Weight On A Deadline

Is insecurity creeping up as you prepare for an upcoming event? Gatherings like weddings, vacations, holiday parties, and reunions should be exciting times — not dates on the calendar you’re dreading. 

We get it. You’re on a tight deadline to drop a few pounds, ditch the flab, and tone up so you can strut your stuff and radiate confidence on the big day. After all, the friends, family, and even strangers in attendance will certainly be checking you out (and of course, some will be judging).  


Turn to the expert tips below for your transformation on a timeline.


Cut Down on These Carbs

You won’t get anywhere without cleaning up your nutrition. We know that doesn’t sound groundbreaking, but ultimately, it’s true. If you’re on a deadline to drop some pounds, kickstart the clean-up by eliminating processed carbs like chips, candy, and white bread. As delicious as they are, they don’t do your health (let alone your...

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