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Holiday How To: 7 Easy Tricks to Make Thanksgiving Dishes Healthier

Sweater weather, football, and crisp, cool air mean one thing: Fall is here and Thanksgiving is near. So, let’s talk turkey...

Thanksgiving dinner tends to end in a food coma due to heaping helpings of seconds and thirds. And as those extra (dare we say, unnecessary) calories sap you of your energy, you end up bailing on family and friends (who, let’s be honest, you never see enough) for a nap or for the night.

This year, imagine a delicious Thanksgiving dinner complete with all of your favorite foods that leaves you feeling energetic enough to toss the pigskin, give your loved ones more of your time, and of course, help your host with clean-up (c’mon, be a gracious guest this year!).

Ditch the guilt and fatigue that comes from overindulging with these easy ingredient swaps. A little twist on the staples of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner can transform them from fattening to fantastic.

Oh, and don't’ worry, we’d never compromise on taste...


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9 Expert Ways to Resist Temptation & Avoid Gaining Weight This Holiday Season

The holiday bulge, bloat, and flab are things of yesteryear. Ghosts of the past that will vanish for good this year...

Imagine finally surviving the holidays without putting on weight. You’ll no longer be part of the thousands who gain more than 10 pounds in the few shorts months between Halloween and Christmas.

And come January —  for once — your new year’s resolutions won’t center around getting back in shape and undoing all the harm you did to your body during the holiday hustle.

The truth is you worked your tail off to strut your stuff this year, and holiday gatherings filled with friends, family, and strangers are the best time to dress to impress. No loose clothes, no sneaking away to eat in private, and no more avoiding pictures (or hiding in the back).

Feast your eyes on our top tips to help you survive the holiday hustle without packing on the pounds!


9 Expert Ways to Resist Temptation & Avoid Gaining Weight This Holiday...

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9 Secrets Guaranteed to Help You Avoid the Holiday Weight Gain This Year

holidays weight loss Sep 26, 2018


Imagine making it through the holidays without gaining a pound. Ok, fine. Maybe you a gain a pound or two tops. But not the 10+ you’re used to. No more post-holiday bloat, a long list of new year’s goals all about getting back in shape, and the embarrassing feeling of showing your face at the gym after a holiday hiatus.

We work hard to look good for holiday parties filled with friends, family, and strangers. After all, you want to impress the people you haven’t seen in years, and the new people you’ll be introduced to. Yet by the time January nears, we’re stuffed with cookies, cake, and candy… and the scale (as well as the pictures were tagged in) show it. Ugh… untag, immediately!

Before you assume I’m going to tell you to make the ultimate sacrifice and give up the Halloween candy and Christmas cookies (I’d never do such a thing), I have a handful of healthy tricks that will help you survive the holidays.


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