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Top Three Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated


Hey, Journey Fit Fam.

Let's talk about it. Motivation.

Motivation...... how do you keep it?

You know, Zig Ziglar Zig Ziglar once said, "People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily."

 So, here's my question to you.

What happens after you lose the weight? You see, it's not about the weight loss as much as it's about the Journey.

The truth is, we don't just get to get our six pack and say, "Okay, that's it. I can go back to my old ways."

Maintenance is actually harder than the weight loss itself.

When you're losing weight, people come up to you and say, "Hey, you're looking good, are you losing weight?"

That's pretty motivating, right? You're getting compliments, people are noticing.

But what happens after you lose the weight?

Nobody comes up to you and says, "Hey, you're looking good, you're maintaining your weight!" 

That just doesn't happen.

I want to give you 3 ways to maintain your motivation.


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It's Because We Love You...


At Journey333, we love celebrations.

Our favorite thing to celebrate? YOU!

We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and especially important fitness milestone. Why so much celebrating?

Well, the answer is this… because we love you.

See, at Journey333, we call you our fit fam. That means you're part of the fitness family.

In fact, for a guy like me, I have a small family. You, as a member of Journey333, you've become my extended family.

So what does family do for one another? Well for one, they love one another. But they also celebrate one another.

They celebrate birthdays, they celebrate anniversaries, they celebrate important accomplishments. So that's the number one reason why we do it, because you're now part of a family.

The second reason we celebrate so much is because it's actually a pretty big factor in keeping you motivated. It's crucial to celebrate the small wins along the Journey toward your big goals. 

If you don't take time along the way to look back at how...

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