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Are You Compensating?

muscle fascia Aug 29, 2019

At Journey, we never recommend something that we haven't tried or at least investigated thoroughly. 

Interestingly in this attached video you will see our very own Cyndy Barnes getting treated by a Physical Therapist that we often recommend.  The name of the Physical Therapist is Dr Chris Capilli.  In the video he teaches us that many times in life, the problem is not the problem. In fact, sometimes what reveals itself as pain is actually an indication of another problem.

When you're doing a lot of exercise, a lot of ballistic or jumping movement, it's very easy for a muscle to break down but your body is very smart, it wants to get from point A to point B and it still finds a way to do so. Even in the absence of muscles that are strong enough to do the thing that you are trying to do, your body will still find a way to get the job done.  The negative side effect is that we start to compensate, and by compensating we start to wear and tear muscles that are not...

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