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9 Best OCR-Inspired Exercises to Get You Obstacle Course Ready

obstacle course ocr Jul 25, 2018

For those who don’t have fire, mud, and monkey bars at their disposal, the best way to train for your first OCR is to mimic the movements you can expect to see on the course.

As nerve-wracking as your initial race can be, it’s time to breathe a sigh of relief...

This 9-exercise guide will kickstart your training regimen and give you the blueprint you need to succeed on the course. And if you haven’t already explored our Pre-Race Checklist and OCR-Prep Guide, add them to your list of required reading.

Keep scrolling for the 9 best exercises you can do right now to get your body ready for the unique challenges of Obstacle Course Racing.

Top 9 Exercises to Ace Before Your First Obstacle Course Race

  1. Rope Climbs. From the Spartan Race’s notorious rope to the Warrior Dash’s “Warrior Summit,” each course has its own twist on rope climbs. Regardless of the variation, your best bet is to hop on a rope to build the upper body and grip strength...
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