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Why Your New Year’s Resolution Won’t Work [& What Will Work]

You’re not alone…

More than 90% of New Year’s Resolutions end in failure.

Think about that: You have less than a 1 in 10 chance of success — a lottery ticket might be a safer investment than another resolution this year.

The truth is stamping the New Year’s Resolution label on another lofty goal is the equivalent to giving that goal an immediate death sentence.

By transforming your goal into a resolution, you’re handing it a one-way ticket to the graveyard with your New Year’s Resolutions of yesteryear (#RIP).

If your resolution is somehow still intact come March, that’s some serious overachieving: 80% of resolutions are already out the window by the second week of February.

And if you’re doing the math, that means less than half of the 20% of resolutions still barely hanging on in February will be donezo well before the year ends…


I know I’m coming off as negative (and as a total numbers nerd), but my...

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