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Get your free body composition report with all the data you need to kickstart your fitness & nutrition goals!

Fast Track Program

At Journey 333, the Fast Track program is unique. We've never seen anything like it at any other gym, and we're proud of the success our members have with it.

So what is it, you might ask?

Your Roadmap to Health

Think of it like laying out plans for a road trip. You're not going to take a trip without packing, planning the fastest route, and making time for road stops so you can stay fueled up.

That's the way we plan your fitness journey. Each member works with a coach from day 1 to lay out what we call a Fast Track plan.

Your plan is completely customized based on your needs and preferences. It provides fitness training, nutrition guidance, personal coaching, and every detail you need to accomplish your health and fitness goals on your ideal schedule.
Your roadmap to health

Getting Started

You can get your free Fast Track body composition report right now without even stepping foot in the gym!

Just open this questionnaire, answer a few questions about your starting point + goals, then you'll get a personalized, data-packed body composition report delivered directly to your inbox.

You'll learn a lot about your health, including:
  • Your estimated percentage of body fat and lean mass
  • Your estimated daily calorie burn
  • Estimated time to reach your goals after you begin a personalized Fast Track plan
  • Facts about how your Journey Fast Track plan can give you the lifestyle you want
Our clients tell us that this report is eye-opening and just the motivation they need to get started!
Fast Track Body Comp Report

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