Tap into an affordable, life-changing and amazingly profitable fitness franchise that's simple to own and operate.


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Low Risk, Low Start Up Costs, High Recurring Profits.

If you're ready to tap into a proven business system, that generates you profits while making a positive impact in your community, then you just might be the right fit for us...

Our proven business model lets your team run your business, so you can focus on what matters most. Our goal is for you to enjoy more time freedom with your family and money freedom to support your ideal lifestyle.  So no more feeling stressed out working 100+ hours a week.

What makes us unique:

  • Low franchise fee, and all the assistance and support you need to succeed.
  • Profit Generating Formula that features low equipment costs and systems so you can maximize profits as soon as possible.
  • Superior program design (that sets you apart from your competition) to get your clients consistent results, and is crazy easy for your staff to teach.
  • Done-for-you marketing that makes it easy for you to get new clients, creates a tightly knit community and boosts your retention to above industry levels.
  • Reliable and consistent sales systems that help your team to convert more prospects and create an excellent on-boarding experience that clients rave about.

It's your time to make an impact, and get the financial freedom you and your loved ones deserve.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our franchise buy in fee is just $30,000.  Typical build outs range from $0 - $150,000.  We are here to empower you...that's why your buy-in fee gives you over $1,137,000 in real-world value. 

This includes:

  • Marketing Assets and Website
  • Customer Care Systems
  • Equipment
  • Operating Systems (including coaching, billing, sales and marketing).
  • 2 week 'owner' training
  • Complete set of 'done-for-you' workouts for your staff to learn
  • Operating documents
  • And more!

It's the easiest way to get up and running in no time flat!  We've done all the planning, so you can have all the fun (and profits).

Our monthly royalty fee is just $1,000 a month.  Unlike the other fitness franchise options out there, we don't take more when you make more.

Your monthly franchise fee includes the highest level of support in our industry...

We believe in empowering you with all the tools, advice and business know-how so you can make a positive impact in your community.

You'll get playbook of systems to guarantee your success.   Think of this as your own personal ‘back office’ suite of tools.  These help your team consistently deliver a world-class and experience that your clients will notice. 

This includes an operations manual complete with a library of videos, checklists and resources that you and your team can access 24/7.  Imagine letting systems run your business, and your team run the systems.

We want to get you 150 clients within the 1st 6 months of operations.   Clients pay $167 each month (150 x $167 = $25,050 monthly gross).  This makes your monthly franchise fee low impact. 

We also require you in year 1 to use our marketing services.  This helps to assure you get marketing in the best and most affordable way when you're just starting out.  Where else can you get a marketing team for just $1000 a month?

So your total monthly costs in year 1 is just $2,000.

Absolutely not.  Just pay the start-up fee, monthly royalty fee and the  monthly marketing service fees.


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