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Chris and Heidi:

Robin Sharma tells a story in his book, “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari,” about a man who came home to his son full of energy and wanting to play, but the father was so tired that all he wanted to do was sit in his chair, read the paper and rest.  The son continued to bother the father to play and in an attempt to entertain the son, the father took a page of the paper that had the globe on it and tore it up, challenging the son to see how fast he could put it back together. The father had hoped this project would take a while but when the son returned in just minutes the father was amazed at how fast he had put the globe back together.

The father asked the son “How did you do it?” 

The son replied “It was easy. On the other side was a person, and when I put the person back together the world came back together.”

And so it goes with helping people. To help someone else, first you must help yourself. 

When I think of this story, I think of  Dr. Chris Fucito and Dr. Heidi Hodder because of the way they have helped themselves in order to better help the world. They are husband and wife. Heidi was an athlete in school. When she turned 40 she became self-conscious knowing that she needed to lose weight.  She said “When you are an ex-athlete and doctor, it is depressing and unacceptable to be overweight.”

Journey Fitness appealed to Dr. Hodder because of the TEAM and family-like atmosphere. She was able to learn exercises and modifications that she could pass on to her patients. When her patients would say, “Dr. Hodder, I am too old to lose weight,” she would share the stories of people who were over 70 years old getting in shape, losing weight and hanging from pull up bars at Journey Fitness.

There is a quote that says, “A leader of one or a leader of many.  If you can’t lead one then you can’t lead any.” (Author Unknown.) And so that story goes with Dr. Hodder, who not only led herself and her patients into positive life change, but also led her mother, Connie Hodder, to Journey Fitness.  Heidi reports that her mother now looks younger, is stronger and has better balance than ever before. “I am very proud of her ‘on the toes’ push-ups and when she gets up on the pull up bar,” she adds.

Six months after Dr. Hodder joined, her husband Dr. Fucito joined as well.  When I asked Dr. Fucito why he joined, he said “To accept new challenges. To push myself in ways I had not done before. To learn new techniques and concepts, to be an inspiration to and better counsel my patients on health and fitness. Also, I hope to inspire the people around me at Journey as well as draw inspiration from them.” 

How awesome is that? Don’t you wish every doctor was like these two investing in their own health so they can better counsel their patients? When you heard that story did it make you think about how many lives Dr. Hodder touched with her one decision to change her health for the better? She changed the life of her patients, which extended to her patient’s family, then her mother, and her husband who then helped his patients and their families. 

Dr. Ed Williams

What’s your goal?  What’s your fitness dream?  Would you like to pass like Jack LaLanne did at the age of 96 reportedly having done a workout the same day?  Would you like to live life to fullest allowing yourself to have the best quality of life?  Then the answer is simple.  You must be willing to plant seeds so you can harvest later.  You will reap what you sow.

When I think of this important life lesson, I think of my friend Dr Williams.  He is 77 years young.  He is a retired Navy Captain and a retired Dr of Radiology.  He and his wife Sherryl have been married for 50 years.  Together they travel the world and take amazing adventures such as African Safaris. Dr William’s life is an example of the Compound Effect. His two retirements, his marriage and the life he leads are the accumulation of many seemingly small insignificant choices done overtime. Sherryl joined Journey Fitness in 2013 and not long after Dr Williams joined to support her fitness Journey.  He soon learned that the Journey Fitness workouts were an excellent compliment to his practice of Yoga.  Dr Williams has been practicing Yoga for nearly 30 years and while most people his age struggle to get up and down off the floor, he does this task easily.  He is able to wrap his feet up around his head and do things that many people half his age cannot do.  Dr Williams has a firm belief that many of the problems he diagnosed as a Radiology doctor including things such as falling and breaking a hip would have been prevented if more people practiced Yoga and exercised consistently.

The problem is that most people don’t exercise consistently enough to experience the same kind of results as Dr Williams.  Why not?  Perhaps it is because the outcomes are invisible. You make a poor choice and you are rewarded in the moment such as when you eat that piece of chocolate cake and feel that rush of flavor and sugar enter your body.   You make a good choice and you get rewarded later on such as when you achieve the kind of mobility and flexibility enjoyed by Dr Williams.  Life is Yin and Yang.  It is action and reaction.  Short-term pain will bring you long-term pleasure but short-term pleasure will bring you long-term pain.

Dr Williams compares the practice of Yoga to the practice of Orthodontia.  Just like the teeth, the muscles progress a bit each time but the outcome is not immediately visible.  This is why we all need vision for our life.  We need to see beyond the present to the future.

Kim Vanskiver

Kim spent most of her life never taking any chances, never really living.  She did everything with a conservative approach. She was into fitness but she would always play it safe if she thought there might be a question if she could actually do something. Her insecurities always got the best of her. Then one day she was asked by her sister in law, Shannon, to sign up for a Half Marathon. This was definitely outside of Kim’s comfort zone but because of her love for her sister in law she thought, “Why Not?” Kim was having a paradigm shift, and it was going to change her life.

Kim had been feeling like something was missing from her life.  She felt like she had spent her whole life inside her comfort zone never really living.  Normally she would have looked at this half marathon and thought, “Oh I could never do that.” This time she was stretching herself. She was risking failure. She felt like this Half Marathon was going to be the beginning of a brand-new life, and she was right.

Besides signing up for the race, Kim did something else outside of her comfort zone.  She went to Journey Fitness for an open house with Shannon so they could hear about what Journey Fitness offered for coaching. They both thought that with the help of a coach they could become stronger, more fit and run faster.  After the open house, they both signed up for partner training. This also took Kim outside her comfort zone. Kim had always trained alone. The first thing her coach did is test her 1-mile run.  The next thing her coach did is tell her, “We are going to treat you like a Nascar. We are going to make your body light and your engine strong.” This meant Kim would drop her excess body fat and begin heavy resistance training. The training was called HIIT training, which stands for High Intensity Interval Training.  This is what Journey Fitness practices for the best strength and cardiovascular improvements. 

With the encouragement of her coach, Kim tried things she had never done before. She accomplished the muscle up, which is a pull up where you actually pull yourself over the bar as if climbing over a wall. She also carried her 180-pound coach, on her back, up the local high school stadium bleachers.  When race day came, Kim was more than prepared. She not only completed that half marathon with a huge sense of accomplishment, but she felt like she had begun to live.

Since that time Kim has done many more races and obstacle courses, too.  With each race and each obstacle she overcomes, Kim feels a greater sense of accomplishment. She says: “I never would have imagined years ago that I would be where I am today physically and mentally. Especially mentally.” Today Kim’s new mantra is, “Never say Never.”

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