9 Tips on How to Avoid Gaining Weight During the Holidays

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Avoid gaining weight during the holidays

Imagine finally surviving the holidays without putting on weight. 

You'll no longer be part of the thousands who gain more than 10 pounds in the few short months between Halloween and Christmas. And come January — for once — your new year's resolutions won't center around getting back in shape and undoing all the harm you did to your body during the holiday hustle. 

Feast your eyes on our top tips to help you survive the holiday hustle without packing on the pounds! 

Hack 1: Outsmart the Alcohol

Alcohol inhibits activity and encourages weight gain, so here are a few wise words regarding the booze. 

Choose wine over beer and light beer over dark beer. Mix cocktails with tonic water or coconut water.

Or, skip the alcohol altogether … water always wins. 

Hack 2: Play the Hydration Game

I won't bore you with the science of water. The simple fact is you need more of it, especially as you consume extra calories and tip back a drink or 3. 

Pair every alcoholic beverage you have, AND every meal or snack you devour, with at least one glass of H2O. 

Hack 3: Don't Skip Meals

Skip meals, save calories? The logic makes sense, but it never works. 

Just as you should never grocery shop on an empty stomach, never head to a food-filled gathering with your tummy growling. 

Fill up on something healthy before the party so you don't overindulge. 

Hack 4: Easy ingredient Swaps 

If you have the pleasure of preparing a dish around the holidays, do your part to make it healthy. 

No, you don't have to bring a veggie tray (though, I'd encourage it). 

But, make some wise decisions with simple ingredient swaps like subbing 100% whole wheat bread instead of white bread, choosing roasted meat over fried options, and my personal favorite is using greek yogurt instead of sour cream. 

Grab some of our best tips here (link to blog post 1, Healthy Thanksgiving Dishes). 

Hack 5: Save Some For Later

Instead of filling up to the point of food coma, bring leftovers home instead of eating until you burst and ruining your favorite dishes forever. Spreading out your meals gives your body time to both burn calories and signal that it's full. 

Hack 6: The Dynamic Duo: Protein & Fiber 

Empty calories (sugar + carbs) don't fill you up. 

That's why we can't stop eating them. Protein and fiber do fill you up, so start out with dishes that have both before moving on to the more indulgent foods. Protein is found in lean meats, seafood, eggs, and beans. Lentils and veggies will give you your fiber fix. 

Hack 7: Let's Get Physical 

If you're not sticking to your usual fitness routine, get creative to keep your calories in check. Toss the pigskin, run around with the kids, take the stairs, etc. Repeat after me: Every calorie counts. 

Hack 8: Right Place, Right Time 

Hanging near the food is putting yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Get strategic by stepping away from the spread when you sit down to eat. The further you are from the food, the more likely you are to play it safe. 

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Hack 10: Add Some Accountability 

Need more hands-on help? The best way to get a heaping plate of accountability is to hire a coach. 

Your coach will support, motivate, educate, and of course, hold you accountable throughout the holiday season.

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