How to Rev Your Metabolism for Quick Weight Loss

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Rev your metabolism

Some people believe healthy weight loss takes a long time. I say no way. No one has time for that. Lives are on the line. 

Just jumping on cardio or going for walks is a good start. But, if you're looking to burn stubborn fat, then just walking or doing cardio won't work. 

Why? Because you're not building muscle. Yes, you're burning calories, but you're not building muscle. 

Here's the secret...add resistance training! 

No, ladies. You're not going to “bulk” up. We're not talking walking around casually doing the “machines” at a gym the way so many people do. 

We're talking functional training that has you training every angle, even those stubborn spots, so you can get twice the results, in half the time. 

When you perform resistance training, you not only maintain muscle, but you also promote the building of lean muscle mass. 

Muscle is very metabolically active which is a fancy way of saying that it's responsible for the majority of the calories you burn. 

More importantly, if you are not resistance training while on a fat loss diet, it is likely you will lose muscle mass (this is why those nutrition-only diets fail after one year) which ultimately reduces lean body mass and reduces your body's ability to burn calories. 

Our best tips to increase the metabolic effect and get you dropping the pounds: 

  • Perform three full body resistance training sessions per week 
  • Seek out a functional training routine designed to build more muscle and burn more calories in half the time
  • Work with a qualified professional who can teach you the right exercises and good form

This type of training is our expertise, so if you need help, we've got you.

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