A Trainer's Best Cardio Secret For Quick Fat Loss

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Best cardio secret for quick fat loss

The days of long slow cardio are gone. They can actually increase your body's disposition to add fat. 

That means...don't just go for a walk or get on your favorite elliptical and call it cardio.

Newsflash! If you are sitting on a machine, reading a book, watching TV and calling it cardio then you are wasting your time.

Interval cardio, or Tabatas burn 9 times more fat!! 

What does that mean? You must take your heart rate up to the point of challenging yourself when talking, then bring it back down to a comfortable pace. 

Repeat that a few times during your workout session and viola you're getting not just leaner, but your lungs and heart are getting stronger! 

Cool thing is that over time, your recovery period from this higher intensity workout will decrease and your heart rate will return to normal more quickly. 

Want to hear the good news? You no longer need to waste an hour of your life sitting on your butt thinking it's cardio! 

You can BURN MORE in 4 minutes of Tabata than you do in an entire hour of steady state cardio. Stop wasting your time, start doing interval training like Tabatas.

This form of training is our specialty at Journey 333. Every training session incorporates this fat melting, heart strengthening style of training so you don't even have to think about it. 

You just have to show up and do it! We coach through the rest.

We're so sure you'll love it that we're willing to give you a free workout. 

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