Why Your New Year's Resolution Won't Work (And What Will)
More than 90% of New Year's Resolutions end in failure.

Keep your resolution till March and you're a rare exception since 80% are already out the window by February.

That means less than half of the 20% of resolutions still barely hanging on in February will be donezo well before the year ends… Yikes!

Why Your New Year's Resolutions Don't Work

I've got lots of strategies to help you nail this year's New Year's Resolutions, but first, let me show you exactly what you're doing wrong.

Too many resolutions
You have too many resolutions. That's a recipe for failure.

When it comes to resolutions, less is always more.
Resolution is too broad
Your resolution is broad.

Goals like “exercise more,” “lose weight,” and “eat more home-cooked meals” won't get you anywhere. You've got to get specific!
You don't have a plan
You don't have a plan.

Holiday hustle means the new year creeps up and you're tossing together a resolution with no plan for success.

That's like trying to build a house without a blueprint — no bueno. Resolutions without plans don't work.
Shoot for the moon
You shoot for the moon.

Gargantuan goals are hard to deliver on, so they don't work. Most of us need help breaking down a big goal into micro-goals.
Thinking a year ahead
You're thinking about where you want to be 12 months from now.

When's the last time you committed to anything for 12 months straight? Crickets… that's what I thought. Thinking a year ahead is putting the cart miles ahead of the horse. Plan for success by setting smaller goals.
You don't set yourself up for success
You don't set yourself up for success.

Here's an example. You plan to wake up early this year to hit the gym… but you've never been able to get to the gym early before. Ever.

January 1 isn't going to make it possible to achieve where you've failed before, so set more achievable goals.
You don't have the right support system
You don't have the right support system.

Your Facebook followers and Instagram audience don't count (sorry).

Unless you (1) get around people who have similar goals as you and (2) invest in expert coaching, you won't survive the 12-month journey. Get quality support.
Resolutions promote procrastination
Resolutions promote procrastination.

We make resolutions and tell ourselves that a few extra drinks and Christmas cookies won't hurt just yet, right?

Wrong. Couple that procrastination with the holiday hangover and it's going to be awhile until you finally get going on your goals.
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